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Handcrafted and soulfully made eco-luxe selfcare products


Getting here..

It all began 9 years ago as a mom with two young girls trying to figure out how to modify my family's lifestyle. My oldest was found to have high functioning autism, and as soon as I heard the words "autism", I began to think of anything and everything I could have ever used that could have contributed to her diagnosis. When my youngest, the namesake of the company, Mia Seren, was born she had developed a severe case of eczema and asthma. Not long after that, I developed a crippling heart issue and was learning how to manage overwhelming stress. Something needed to change..

All of our ailments combined with the weight of not wanting to make the same mistakes using chemically manufactured and processed products on my children, I became very concerned and mindful of what my family was injesting, what we were putting onto our bodies, and how we live our daily lives. I began to research how herbs, plants and oils work with our body, began practicing meditation, researching how to live life holistically and healthy. I began creating my own holistic products to use at home and began sharing with family and friends. Over time, I've felt encouraged to share what I've learned and practiced with others and Mia Seren Naturals was launched on February of 2017.